Developer License Registration Form

Kintone Developer License

We offer free Kintone Developer licenses to developers interested in custom application development on the Kintone platform. These licenses do not include any technical support.

Below are our Terms of Service and Application Form. Please read the Terms and complete the Form to receive your developer account.

After submitting for a Developer License, you should receive a verification email. Review the email and activate your Kintone developer account to complete the sign-up process. If you do not receive the verification email within one hour of submission, please email us at

Key points on the use of Kintone developer accounts

  • The license is only good for the Kintone platform; no other Cybozu service.
  • Developer licenses are only available to members of the Kintone Developer Program in good standing.
  • This developer license is for the sole purpose of application development on the Kintone platform. Technical support is not available for developer licenses.
  • This license is valid for one year from the date on which you submit your application.
  • The license for active developer domains will be extended for another one-year period at the end of the initial term unless:
    • a. you notify us that you would like to terminate the license; and/or
    • b. we in our sole judgement determine that your use of the Kintone developer account is “inactive” based upon circumstances such as your visit, use and interaction with the account.
  • The maximum number of Users for a developer license account is five (5), and the maximum storage capacity for a subdomain is 25GB.
  • If developer domains remain inactive for three months, the license may be terminated automatically or at the sole discretion of Kintone.
  • If an account is terminated, the data and settings within the account will be erased and cannot be restored.
  • Since you will not have access to technical support service during your use of the developer license, please use the resources and community of this developer program. Through the Kintone Users & System Administration page, you can configure the following settings:
    • Security settings
      • IP address restrictions can be enabled
      • 2-Factor Authentication settings can be enabled
      • SSO settings can be enabled
    • The subdomain name

Terms of Service for the Developer License

The account holder of this developer program who applies for the license (hereinafter referred to as “User”) must comply with all of the provisions and the following conditions set out by Kintone Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Kintone”), who will provide a Kintone developer license to the User.

Kintone Developer License Terms of Service