SDK / Tools

This section introduces SDKs and tools to help boost your productivity for Kintone customizations.

REST API SDKs in various languages

Kintone JavaScript Client The Kintone REST API Client helps users execute Kintone REST API requests with simpler coding.
Kintone Java Client The Kintone Java Client is a library that summarizes the processing required when using Kintone REST APIs on Java programs.
Kintone API SDK for Ruby An SDK to communicate with the Kintone REST API using Ruby.
This SDK is a 3rd party SDK. Check the licenses, functions, etc. before using.
Kintone API SDK for iOS An SDK to integrate an iOS application with Kintone.

Development productivity tools and libraries

Development Tools

ESLint (JavaScript Code Checker) A tool for maintaining code quality for Kintone customizations.
Kintone Customize Uploader A CLI tool that uploads JavaScript and CSS files to Kintone.
Kintone Create Plugin

A plug-in development tool to create new Kintone plug-ins.

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Kintone Plugin Packer

A plug-in development tool to package Kintone plug-ins.

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Kintone Plugin Uploader A CLI tool that uploads plug-in zip files to Kintone.
Webpack Plugin Kintone Plugin A CLI tool for running plugin-packer with webpack.

JavaScript and CSS Libraries

Kintone CDN The Kintone CDN provides various libraries that are recommended to use for customizations.
Kintone UI Component A library for creating Kintone-like user interfaces.
Kintone Config Helper A library for retrieving field data for the plug-in config page.

Backup and restore data

Kintone Command Line Tool

This CLI tool lets you import and export record and file data.

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