This page introduces frequently asked questions about Kintone customization. More detailed questions can be asked in the Community Forum (External link) where developers can get support and advice.

About Kintone Customization

Yes! You can get your hands on a free Kintone developer license, that can be used for 1 year.
The following page will guide you to get your Kintone developer license.

The Quick Start page offers a basic introduction to get you started coding with Kintone. You can also learn more about Kintone customizations by following the guides in the Tutorial (External link) section.

You can ask questions in the Community Forum (External link) where other Kintone developers strive to help each other out!

Implementation and customization offers can be discussed with Kintone partners. Fees are to be negotiated with those partners. For more information about Kintone partners, refer to the following page.


There are two websites that discuss the Kintone product in detail.