Post Google Forms Responses into Kintone

Google Forms allows end users to easily create and send questionnaires and event invitations.
The Kintone Developer Program introduces a tutorial on how to post Google Forms responses into a web database, enabling users to capture, manage, and analyze form responses with ease!

Build a Web Application for Your Forms – no coding required

It's intuitive to save form responses to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. However, posting form responses into a web database, Kintone, will make your data management more efficient.
There are many advantages of capturing the responses into Kintone’s databases over spreadsheets.

Features Advantages
Access controls Kintone allows end users to set granular access controls to the data in its Apps.
Business Process Management Workflows can be set for each record in the Kintone App. This makes the actions after the form submission much clearer.
Communication Each record inside the Kintone App has a feature for posting comments for other team members to read.

Kintone is a Teamwork aPaaS that provides high-productivity features and tools for teamwork collaboration. It allows users to create custom database on the fly, that are extensively customizable with JavaScript.
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