Integrate an ESP8266 microcontroller with a web database

As IoT technology continues to advance, the ESP8266 microcontroller has become a go-to choice for efficient and cost-effective data processing.
The Kintone Developer Program provides a seamless tutorial for integrating ESP8266 with Kintone's web database, making IoT integration a breeze!

Explore IoT Integration with Kintone

Kintone is a teamwork aPaaS that provides high-productivity features and collaboration tools for teams.
IoT integrations with Kintone's web databases are exceptionally straightforward - create a web database with a no-code GUI, generate an API token, and make an HTTP request from the IoT device using the API token. Simple, and yet easier with our tutorials!

Start the 10 minute tutorial to grasp the process of saving data to Kintone's Web Database using an ESP8266!

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