Better Task Management - Integrate Slack with Kintone

As a collaboration tool for teams, Slack is a good option for task management. But for teams running projects consisting of a large number of sub-tasks, Slack alone may not be enough to get things done. Tracking the status of multiple tasks could be overwhelming at times.

The Kintone Developer Program introduces a tutorial on how to integrate slack with Kintone, a powerful database providing full visibility throughout your tasks and projects!

Build a Web Application for Your Tasks – no coding required

Kintone is a Teamwork aPaaS that provides high-productivity features and tools for teamwork collaboration. It allows users to create custom database on the fly, that are extensively customizable with JavaScript.

Get a Free 1-year Kintone Developer License now to start building workflows on Kintone, and testing out the integration with Slack!

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Start the 10 minute tutorial to learn how to post a message into a Slack channel from a Kintone App, using Slack's Incoming Webhook.

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