Use Kintone to Spend Less Time on the Back-end

For developers seeking to spend less time constructing the back-end, and more time designing the front-end, here is a solution. Kintone is a powerful web database, providing developers with a convenient environment to test out front-end coding ideas, without having to run a backend.

Why use Kintone?

  • No Back-end Skills Required
    Kintone is a Teamwork aPaaS that provides high-productivity features and tools for teamwork collaboration. No back-end skills are required to use Kintone. It allows users to create custom databases via the browser, that are extensively customizable with JavaScript.

  • Easy-To-Use APIs
    By utilizing Kintone's JavaScript API, you can also integrate Kintone with existing tools and a variety of useful libraries. Take a peek into a number of sample codes in Tutorials.

Free license for developers

We offer free Kintone Developer licenses to developers interested in custom application development on the Kintone platform.
Get a Free 1-year Kintone Developer License now to start developing and testing out Kintone customizations!

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