Integrating Make with Kintone



Make is an integration tool that can connect Kintone with various services, for example, Gmail, Slack, or OpenAI.
This article explains integration between Make and Kintone by using the webhook feature. For more details about webhooks, refer to the Webhooks article.

Set up a Webhook on Make

  1. Sign in to Make and click Scenarios on the menu displayed on the left side.

  2. Click Create a new scenario

  3. Click the large Plus button in the middle to search for a connector

  4. Enter "webhooks" in the search bar and click Webhooks

  5. Click Custom webhook

  6. Click Create a webhook

  7. Enter any name for the Webhook name. Then, click Save

  8. Click the Copy address to clipboard to copy the webhook URL needed for Kintone's webhook settings later.

  9. Click OK

Set up a Webhook on Kintone

Once the webhooks setting in Make is done, next connect the webhooks to the Kintone App.

  1. Navigate to the Kintone App Settings and click Webhooks

  2. Click Add Webhook.

  3. Enter the description of the Webhook to be set up. In the Webhook Endpoint input field, paste the URL copied in Step 8 of Set up a Webhook on Make.
    Delete "https://" at the beginning of the URL, then check the events you want to connect. For more details on what kind of events can be triggered, refer to the Webhook Events article.

  4. Click Save and the Webhooks page will look like below

  5. Go back to settings and click Update App


Example of Make and Kintone usage: