How to Verify the Usage of the Kintone CDN



This article introduces how to check your Kintone domain's usage of the Kintone CDN. In particular, the browser's developer tools will be used to check the usage of jqGrid and Handsontable.


This guide uses the Google Chrome browser. Your Kintone user account will need the view permissions for the page you want to check.

Steps for checking usages

Inside your Kintone domain, navigate to any Apps or portals. Proceed with the following steps:

  1. On Google Chrome, click through the menu to navigate through [View] -> [Developer] -> [Developer Tools].
  2. Click on the [Sources] tab. Navigate through the tree displayed on the left, and check to see if, or are shown. If these do not exist inside the tree, then the App you are viewing is not using the Kintone CDN. If you are viewing any portals instead, then the Kintone CDN is not being used in the System-Wide JavaScript/CSS customization (External link) . You do not need to proceed any further. If these names exist, they will be displayed like in the screenshot below.

    In this case, proceed to step 3.
  3. Click on the triangle next to the name to open up the tree. The library name along with the version number should be displayed. In some cases, you may need to click deeper into the tree to view the version number.

  4. If any of the versions libraries below are shown, actions need to be taken.
    • jqGrid versions 4.7.1 and onwards
    • Handsontable versions 7.0.0 and onwards

Actions to take

Follow the guide below on details for actions to take.

How to Take Care of Non-free Libraries on the Kintone CDN