API Updates for August 2016

API Updates

Kintone had an update on August 12th 2016. Below are details of API related updates.

Kintone REST API

New features

  • Add Thread Comment API
    A thread comment can be added to a thread of a Space by specifying the Space ID and Thread ID.

Bug fixes

  • A bug occurred when the Get Comments API was used. The format of the created date and time of the comment was different from the common datetime format.
    • Before the fix: 2016‒08‒14T00:38:53.000Z
    • After the fix: 2016‒08‒14T00:38:53Z
  • A bug occurred when multiple attachments were uploaded by the Update Record API. The order of the attachments were uploaded randomly rather than the specified order in the JSON.
  • A bug occurred when the Update Multiple Statuses API was used when the option for who can take the next action was "User chooses one assignee from the list to take action". If there were select-able assignees for the next status, and the API did not specify the records[].assignee, an invalid assignee was set.
  • A bug occurred when the Get App API was used. The value of Created by and Updated by were retrieved even when those users were inactive, deleted, or could not use the Kintone service.
    • After the fix: An empty string is returned.

Kintone JavaScript API

New features