API Updates for November 2018

API Updates

The next Kintone update is 9th November 2018. The release also includes the following updates.

Kintone Product

New features

  • Feature to add OAuth clients to the Kintone domain (beta) The Users & System Administration page will allow Administrators of the Kintone domain to add new OAuth clients.

    • Note that:
      • Authentication and authorization to Kintone can be made using the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework.
      • The Administrator may choose which clients are enabled for which users that are listed in the User & System Administration page.
      • The client type is Confidential.
      • The grant type is Authorization Code.
      • This feature is available as a beta (β) version.

    The Kintone Developer Program will be releasing more details on the specifications for this feature.

Kintone JavaScript API

New features

  • The following APIs for mobile will be added:
    • Record Create: Save Success Event (mobile.app.record.create.submit.success)
    • Record Edit: Save Success Event (mobile.app.record.edit.submit.success)
    • Proceed Process Event (mobile.app.record.detail.process.proceed)
    • Open Field Group (kintone.mobile.app.record.setGroupFieldOpen())

New features (December)

  • The December update is scheduled to include more mobile API updates:
    • Get Space Element (kintone.mobile.app.record.getSpaceElement())
    • Get App ID (kintone.mobile.app.getId())
    • Get Lookup Target (kintone.mobile.app.getLookupTargetAppId())

Bug fixes