API Updates for December 2018

API Updates

The next Kintone update is 7th December 2018. The release also includes the following updates.

Kintone JavaScript API

New features

  • The following APIs for mobile will be added:
    • Get Record ID (kintone.mobile.app.record.getId)
    • Get Space Element (kintone.mobile.app.record.getSpaceElement())
    • Get Related Records Target (kintone.mobile.app.getRelatedRecordsTargetAppId())
    • Get Lookup Target (kintone.mobile.app.getLookupTargetAppId())
    • Get App ID (kintone.mobile.app.getId())
    • Graph Display Event:Onload Event (mobile.app.report.show)

Bug fixes

  • The following APIs return un-escaped characters, if values within Check boxes, Radio buttons, Drop-downs, Multi-choices or Statuses contain backslashes (/) or double quotes (""):
    • Related APIs
    • Example of returned values:
      • Before the fix: Check_box in ("sample"2"")
      • After the fix: Check_box in ("sample\"2\"")

Kintone REST API

Spec changes

  • Spec changes will be made to the following APIs, due to the implementation of the new Mobile Custom View feature for the Kintone platform in December: