Maintenance Updates for April 2024

API Updates

A maintenance update was applied on 22nd April 2024.

Update Summary

A maintenance update includes spec changes to the Get Space REST API and new feature to update space settings.

Release Schedule

  • April 2024: Preview of the new features.
  • June 2024: Official release. The feature can be disabled from the Disable New Features settings.
  • November 2024: The feature will no longer be able to be disabled from Disable New Features settings.


From Kintone Administration > Other > Update Options screen, set the options as follows:

  • Check Enable this feature: The "Only Allow Space Administrators to Create Apps" Setting Retrievable with REST API for Getting Space Information
  • Check Enable this feature: REST API for Updating Space Settings

Kintone REST API

Spec changes

The Only Allow Space Administrators to Create Apps setting information will be retrievable with the Get Space API.

Related APIs

New features

The following API will be added.

  • Update Space Settings
    /k/v1/space.json [PUT]