Maintenance Updates for May 2024 (2nd Announcement)

API Updates

A maintenance update was applied on 15th May 2024.

Update Summary

The maintenance update includes spec changes to the Get General Settings and Update General Settings REST API.

Release Schedule

  • May 2024: Preview of the new feature.
  • July 2024: Official release. The feature can be disabled from the Disable New Features settings.


To use the preview of the new feature, from Kintone Administration > Other > Update Options screen, set the options as follows:

  • Check Enable this feature: Enable this feature: Title Field Settings Values and Some of Misc Settings Values Retrievable/Updatable with REST API for Getting/Updating General Settings

Kintone REST API

Spec changes

The following values will be retrievable/updatable:

  • Title Field
  • Enable thumbnails setting
  • Enable bulk deletion setting
  • Enable comments setting
  • Enable duplicate record setting
  • Precision of numbers and calculation setting
  • First Month of the Fiscal Year setting

Related APIs

  • Get General Settings
    /k/v1/app/settings.json [GET]
  • Update General Settings
    /k/v1/preview/app/settings.json [PUT]

Product News

Be sure to check out the following news at the product website for the latest news on feature improvements and important notices:
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