API Updates for July 2024

API Updates

The next Kintone update is on 16th July 2024. The release also includes the following API updates.

Update Summary

The July 2024 update includes new features to the Kintone REST APIs for Plug-ins.

Kintone REST API

New features

The following APIs will be added.

  • Get Installed Plug-ins /k/v1/plugins.json [GET]
    This API gets the list of plug-ins imported into Kintone.
  • Get Required Plug-ins
    /k/v1/plugins/required.json [GET]
    This API gets the list of plug-ins that have been deleted from Kintone, but have already been added to Apps.
  • Install Plug-in
    /k/v1/plugin.json [POST]
    This API imports a plug-in to Kintone.
  • Update Plug-in
    /k/v1/plugin.json [PUT]
    This API updates an imported plug-in in Kintone.
  • Uninstall Plug-in
    /k/v1/plugin.json [DELETE]
    This API deletes a plug-in from Kintone.
  • Get Plug-in Apps
    /k/v1/plugin/apps.json [GET]
    This API gets Apps that have the specified plug-In added.
  • Add Plug-ins
    /k/v1/preview/app/plugins.json [POST]
    This API adds plug-ins to an App.

Spec changes

The following App setting information will be retrievable with REST APIs:

  • Record title
  • Misc Settings
    • Show thumbnails
    • Enable bulk deletion of records
    • Enable comments
    • Enable the feature to "duplicate record"
    • Precision of numbers and calculations
    • First month of Fiscal Year

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