Custom Portal Template Gallery


This page introduces Kintone portal customization templates created by the Kintone community.
To learn how to create a custom Kintone portal, refer to the Design a Custom Portal Using Kintone Portal Designer article.

  • Image: hawaii_portal

    Hawaiian Portal

    By Satoshi Shibata
    A Hawaiian-style portal that you'll look forward to every day. Commonly used Apps are listed right at the top of the page for increased productivity. This portal even looks good on mobile!
    Download the json file from the link below.
    basic-1column-hawaii.json (External link)

    MORE INFO (External link)
  • Image: mt-kinportal


    By Usshi
    This portal features tabs that make it easy to switch between the standard portal and quick links. The quick link data is stored in an App, which makes it possible to add and edit links from the portal.

    GITHUB (External link)
  • Image: pastel_portal

    Pastel Portal

    By y-take
    A portal that features a soft, pastel color palette. The top menu has links to each department's Space, and the side menu contains links to Apps that are relevant to each department.

    GITHUB (External link)