How to Use the Kintone CDN



The Kintone CDN provides Kintone developers with various JavaScript and CSS libraries, such as JQuery, Luxon and Font Awesome. These libraries can be used as long as they are being referenced from a Kintone domain.

How to Use the Kintone CDN

Follow these steps to use libraries listed on the Kintone CDN.

  1. Choose a library to use from the Kintone CDN page.

  2. Copy the URL of the library. Change the version number if needed. For example, the URL for jQuery version 3.0.0 will be

  3. Navigate to the JavaScript and CSS Customization (External link) option in the Kintone App's settings.

  4. Add the CDN link to the desired option.

  5. Click on Save, and on Update App.

The library will now be usable from other scripts within the Kintone App. To test to see if the library can be used, navigate to a page within the App. Access the developer console and run some code related to the library. In the below example, the App is using the jQuery library from the CDN, and the jQuery syntax is being used.