Quick Start

Dive right into your first Kintone customization with our quick start guide, and learn the basics of coding for Kintone!

Image: A flow showing how to get data from Kintone in 4 easy steps.

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API Docs

    Browse through documentation for Kintone's JavaScript API and REST APIs.
  • Authorization

    Documents for Password authentication and API token authentication for your REST API requests.

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  • Kintone REST API

    Documents for REST APIs for App, record, file and Space management.

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    Learn more tips and tricks of customizing Kintone with step-by-step instruction, or take a peek into a number of sample codes.
  • Screenshot: Introduction to Kintone Customizations.

    Kintone Customization 101

    Learn the basics of customizing Kintone.

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  • Image: Kintone, Google Form, Azure Functions and Slack logos.

    3rd Party Services

    Integrate Kintone with other popular 3rd party services.

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  • A Map embedded into a Kintone App.


    Add maps, buttons, and more to Kintone Apps.

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