Kintone REST API

Documents for REST APIs for App, record, file and Space management.


Category API Method URL
Apps Get App GET /k/v1/app.json
Get Apps GET /k/v1/apps.json
Add Preview App POST /k/v1/preview/app.json
Deploy Deploy App Settings POST /k/v1/preview/app/deploy.json
Get App Deploy Status GET /k/v1/preview/app/deploy.json
Form Fields Get Form Fields GET /k/v1/app/form/fields.json
Add Form Fields POST /k/v1/preview/app/form/fields.json
Update Form Fields PUT /k/v1/preview/app/form/fields.json
Delete Form Fields DELETE /k/v1/preview/app/form/fields.json
Form Layout Get Form Layout GET /k/v1/app/form/layout.json
Update Form Layout PUT /k/v1/preview/app/form/layout.json
Views Get Views GET /k/v1/app/views.json
Update Views PUT /k/v1/preview/app/views.json
General Settings Get General Settings GET /k/v1/app/settings.json
Update General Settings PUT /k/v1/preview/app/settings.json
Process Management Get Process Management Settings GET /k/v1/app/status.json
Update Process Management Settings PUT /k/v1/preview/app/status.json
Customization Get Customization GET /k/v1/app/customize.json
Update Customization PUT /k/v1/preview/app/customize.json
App Permissions Get App Permissions GET /k/v1/app/acl.json
Update App Permissions PUT /k/v1/app/acl.json
Record Permissions Get Record Permissions GET /k/v1/record/acl.json
Update Record Permissions PUT /k/v1/record/acl.json
Field Permissions Get Field Permissions GET /k/v1/field/acl.json
Update Field Permissions PUT /k/v1/field/acl.json
Record Permissions Evaluate Record Permissions GET /k/v1/records/acl/evaluate.json
General Notifications Get General Notification Settings GET /k/v1/app/notifications/general.json
Update General Notification Settings PUT /k/v1/preview/app/notifications/general.json
Per Record Notifications Get Per Record Notification Settings GET /k/v1/app/notifications/perRecord.json
Update Per Record Notification Settings PUT k/v1/preview/app/notifications/perRecord.json
Reminder Notifications Get Reminder Notification Settings GET /k/v1/app/notifications/reminder.json
Update Reminder Notification Settings PUT /k/v1/preview/app/notifications/reminder.json
Graph Settings Get Graph Settings GET /k/v1/app/reports.json
Update Graph Settings PUT /k/v1/preview/app/reports.json
Action Settings Get Action Settings GET /k/v1/app/actions.json
Update Action Settings PUT /k/v1/preview/app/actions.json
Get Form Get Form GET /k/v1/form.json

* Certain APIs concerning Apps can be executed only on form settings that have not been applied to the live App (ie. changes were made to the form settings but the App has not been updated), only on the live App, or either.

* The URL path in the case of settings that have not yet been updated to the live App is '/k/v1/preview/xxxx.json'. Refer to each individual document for details.


Category API Method URL
Record Get Record GET /k/v1/record.json
Get Records GET /k/v1/records.json
Add Record POST /k/v1/record.json
Add Records POST /k/v1/records.json
Update Record PUT /k/v1/record.json
Update Records PUT /k/v1/records.json
Delete Records DELETE /k/v1/records.json
Cursor Get Cursor GET /k/v1/records/cursor.json
Add Cursor POST /k/v1/records/cursor.json
Delete Cursor DELETE /k/v1/records/cursor.json
Comments Get Comments GET /k/v1/record/comments.json
Add Comment POST /k/v1/record/comment.json
Delete Comment DELETE /k/v1/record/comment.json
Bulk Request Bulk Request POST /k/v1/bulkRequest.json
Process Management Update Status PUT /k/v1/record/status.json
Update Multiple Statuses PUT /k/v1/records/status.json
Update Assignees PUT /k/v1/record/assignees.json


Category API Method URL
File Download File GET /k/v1/file.json
Upload File POST /k/v1/file.json


Category API Method URL
Space Get Space GET /k/v1/space.json
Add Space POST /k/v1/template/space.json
Update Space Body PUT /k/v1/space/body.json
Delete Space DELETE /k/v1/space.json
Space Members Get Space Members GET /k/v1/space/members.json
Update Space Members PUT /k/v1/space/members.json
Thread Add Thread Comment POST /k/v1/space/thread/comment.json
Update Thread PUT /k/v1/space/thread.json
Guests Add Guests POST /k/v1/guests.json
Update Guest Members PUT /k/guest/<SpaceID>/v1/space/guests.json
Delete Guests DELETE /k/v1/guests.json

API Info

Category API Method URL
Kintone REST API Get API List GET /k/v1/apis.json
Get API Schema GET /k/v1/apis/*.json