Field Change Event

Field Change Event - app.record.edit.change.(fieldcode)

An event triggered when a specified field value changes while a record is being edited.





Fields that can be Specified

The same as the following article:
Record Create Event: Field Change Event

Properties of the Event Object

appId Number The App ID.
record Object A record object that holds form data inputted by the user at the point of the event.
recordId Number The Record ID
changes Object An object including data of changed fields and rows.
changes.field Object An object of the changed field.
changes.row Object An object of the changed row.
  • If a row is added to a table: changes.row will reference the new row object.
  • If a row is deleted from a table: changes.row will be null.
  • If a field outside of a table is changed: changes.row will be null.
type String The event type.

Available Event Object Actions


  • Events are not triggered for fields not listed in the following section:
    Fields that can be specified
  • Although Lookup fields cannot be specified, their field mapping destinations can be.
  • Values from the Attachment field cannot be retrieved.
  • Refer to the Limitations section of the following article for more details:
    Event Handling