Field Change Event

Field Change Event - app.record.index.edit.change.(fieldcode)

An event triggered when a specified field value changes during an inline editing of a record on the record list.



Fields that can be Specified

  • Radio button
  • Drop-down
  • Check box
  • Multi-choice
  • User selection
  • Date
  • Time
  • Date and time
  • Single-line text
  • Number

Properties of the Event Object

appId Number The App ID.
record Object A record object including data inputted by the user at the time of the event.
recordId Number The Record ID.
changes Object An object including data of changed fields and rows.
changes.field Object An object of the changed field.
type String The event type.

Available Event Object Actions

Running actions after waiting for asynchronous operations to finish

By returning a kintone.Promise object, you can run actions after waiting for asynchronous operations to finish. Refer to the sample code for the "Save Event" event on the Record Create page.