Update Status Event

Update Status Event - app.record.detail.process.proceed

An event triggered when the "Update Status" is clicked for the business process feature.

Running actions after waiting for asynchronous operations to finish

By returning a kintone.Promise object, you can update the status of the record after waiting for asynchronous operations to finish. Refer to the sample code for the "When Clicking the Save Button" event on the Record Create page.

  • Some processes need several assignees to perform an action before moving onto the next status - this event will take place even when the status does not change.
  • The record data can be updated by returning the event object.
  • Actions can be cancelled by returning false.
  • Actions can be cancelled including an error message, by setting an error property in the event object and returning it. The string in the error property will be displayed as an error message.
  • Actions will be canceled with an error, if an invalid value is returned.
  • If nothing is returned, only the status will be updated





Properties of the Event Object
action Object The action that was run.
// The key of the object
{ "value": "action_name" }
status Object The status before the update
// The key of the object
{ "value": "status_name"}
nextStatus Object The status after the update
// The key of the object
{ "value": "status_name"}
Note that the status after the update is retrieved even if the status does not change after the action.
record Object The record object
type String The event type.
Available Event Object Actions

Refer to the Limitations section of the Event Handling page.