API Updates for February 2021

API Updates

Update Summary

The February update consists of new APIs related to the App's Graph settings (External link).
The APIs allows for creating and manipulating Graphs that previously required using Kintone's graphical interface. These APIs come in handy when Apps with graph settings are created in a test environment and need to be copied over to the production environment.

Kintone REST API

New features

  • New APIs will be added to get and update the Graph settings (External link) of Apps
    • Relevant APIs
      • /k/v1/app/reports.json [GET]
      • /k/v1/preview/app/reports.json [GET, PUT]

User API

Spec changes

  • Added support for X-HTTP-Method-Override header to all User APIs.
    • Details
      • If a GET request is sent using kintone.api() and the URI length exceeds 4KB, the X-HTTP-Method-Override header will automatically be added and the request will be sent as a POST request.
      • With this spec change, User API requests with long URIs are executed without running into Request URI Too Large errors when using kintone.api().

Bug fixes

  • A bug exists where operations that generate notifications to some users result in an error. This bug will be fixed.
    • Related APIs
    • Conditions
      When all of the following conditions apply:
      • A user is added using the API with locale parameter set to auto.
      • Operations are done that generate notifications to the added user.
    • Details
      • Before the fix: The Illegal request error message is returned, and the operation fails.
      • After the fix: The operation will complete without an error, and the notification will be sent to the added user.