API Updates for July 2021

API Updates

The next Kintone update is on 12th July 2021. The release also includes the following API updates.

Update Summary

July's update introduces an API that updates the list of Groups that Users belong to.
Also, the Plug-in manifest now supports multiple software version conventions such as Semantic Versioning.

Kintone JavaScript API

Spec Changes

  • Plug-in manifest files now support multiple software version conventions.
    • Details
      • version in the Manifest file
      • Before the change:
        • Only integers are supported
      • After the change:
        • Integers and character strings are supported
        • Formats such as "x", "x.y", and "x.y.z" are supported
      • Existing Plug-ins do not need to be modified

Kintone REST API

Bug Fixes

  • A bug exists where running the following API may result in an error, or the Audit Log includes false information. This bug will be fixed.
    • Related APIs
    • Conditions
      • Running the Update Process Management Settings API
    • Details
      • Before the fix: "The data is too large to save. GAIA_DA01" error occurs, or deleted actions are registered in the Audit Log
      • After the fix: The API will execute without an error, and the Audit Log will record the correct information

User API

New Features

  • A new API will be added to update the list of Groups that Users belong to.
    • Related API
      • /v1/user/groups.json [PUT]