API Updates for August 2018

API Updates

The next Kintone update is 10th August 2018. The release also includes the following updates.

Kintone REST API

New error message

  • An error message returned when using the Get Records API will be changed. This error is returned when the keyword specified with the like operator is too long.
    • Before the update: "The search feature does not work correctly due to a system error on Kintone. Wait a while and try again."
    • After the update: "Specified keyword for the query condition is too long."

User API

Spec changes

  • The validation for the birthDate parameter for the Add Users API and Update Users API has been changed. Instead of specifying the date in the format of YYYY-MM-DD, the date format can also be specified as YYYY.
    • Before the update: Specifying "1997" for this parameter results in an error.
    • After the update: Specifying "1997" for this parameter results in the data being saved as 1997-01-01.