API Updates for October 2023 (2nd Announcement)

API Updates

Kintone conducted a scheduled maintenance update on 8th October 2023.

This is the 2nd announcement regarding the October 2023 Kintone API updates.
Find the first announcement in the API Updates for October 2023 article.

The maintenance also includes the following API updates.

Update Summary

A feature update in July 2023 included a new feature which allows for comma-separated values in Number fields to be inputted. This feature can be enabled via the Update Options settings in the Kintone Administration panel. In the October 2023 update, the Event Object and JavaScript APIs will be updated to handle these comma-separated values.

This feature preview will be available via the Update Option's Monthly Channel under the New Features in Development section.

Kintone JavaScript API

New Features

Handling of Comma Separated Number Values


To illustrate, the values 1000, 1,000 (comma separated), 1000 (extra whitespace characters), and 1000 (non-half-width characters) will all be sanitized to return 1000 in the event Object and related JavaScript APIs.

Feature Improvements

Event Handling for Sanitized Values
  • When comma-separated values, whitespaces, or double-byte characters are sanitized, as long as the final value does not change, an event will not be triggered.


  • To illustrate, if the user enters a value of 1000 into a field, and then proceeds to manually change the value to 1,000, 1000 , or 1000 , the field change event will not occur, as the value will be sanitized back to 1000.
Additional Information
  • If whitespaces are entered before or after a value, they will be sanitized.
  • This update is enabled by default. Administrators who do wish to disable it can uncheck the option via the Update Options settings on the Kintone Administration page.