Common Questions by Kintone Developers


Here are some frequently asked questions from Kintone developers before starting Kintone development.

Table of Contents

Development environment

Kintone does not have a development environment feature (an environment exclusively for development within the same subdomain as a production environment). Therefore, the following configurations are an option for development and operation environments.

  1. Use a subdomain as a development environment and another as an Operating Environment.
    To get a developer license, register here.
    This is the most common method of creating a development environment.

  2. Use App A as a development environment and App B as an operating environment within the same subdomain

  3. Use App A as both the development environment and operating environment.

Data backup by users

Refer to the Is it possible to create a backup of data? (External link) article on the help site.

Kintone REST API request accessibility

Access to the REST API requests between Kintone and external websites/servers varies depending on the following request methods.

No. Pattern Accessibility Note
1 From Server to Kintone Can access
2 From Website (browser) to Kintone Cannot access Direct access to REST API is not allowed due to cross-domain restrictions.
3 From Kintone to external service Can access (conditions apply) Request using kintone.proxy is possible if the external service has an open API.

No direct connection to the database

Generally, the Kintone REST API is used to work with Kintone data.
On the Kintone page, it’s also possible to use the Kintone JavaScript API to retrieve some data.
The above two patterns are the only way to work with Kintone data, and direct connection to a database like a traditional general database is not possible.

Therefore, if there is a large amount of data to be operated or the processing using the API is complicated, it’s necessary to consider the overhead that occurs for each API request.

User Data

To access Kintone user data, use the User API.

API requests limit

There are two points to note:

  1. There is a maximum number of requests to Kintone REST API.
    For more details, refer to the REST API (External link) article on the help site.
  2. The maximum number of simultaneous connections to the Kintone REST API is 100 for each subdomain.
    If the number of accesses exceeds the limit, usage may be restricted.

Failure detection

The following Kintone help page provides users with information on maintenance and updates.

Kintone Maintenance and Update Information (External link)

API policy changes

Change Policy for Public API Specifications

Coding guidelines

Information about Kintone on other sites